Why Classic Destiny Custom Fishing Rods?

classic destiny custom rods

The angler who chooses a Classic Destiny custom built rod can be assured that it will be a fine fishing instrument. As a quality oriented and artistic person I have the skills required to embellish your rod with features that will set it apart from others. With the use of a wide selection of thread colors and a unique selection of wood and cork materials I can create color matched handles and wraps that are truly impressive.

Classic Destiny specializes in feather inlays. Feathers from pheasant and other birds will blend and contrast with almost any color rod. The artistic blending of the feathers gives your rod that extra special touch that distinguishes it from other rods.

Your Classic Destiny rod is an outstanding fishing tool as well as an artistic treasure, which can be passed down through future generations. Each rod is inscribed with your name as well as the signature of the proud craftsman who built it.

Each day of fishing with your functional and beautiful Classic Destiny rod will be memorable.

Contact Neal Hall at Classic Destiny for a consultation to discuss and determine your specific needs and for a price quote.

Classic Destiny combines all the latest and greatest techniques to create a fine-tuned fishing instrument to meet your angling need.