What our customers say about our custom built fishing rods

chris chusselman

"Thought you might like to know I broke the rod in right last night.

Best bass of the night and for me the summer on any type of gear.

Love how the rod handled this 3 pounder like a champ.

Thanks again.


~ Chris Chusselman

"Mr. Hall:
I have to say this rod feels so right, looks great and I can not wait to get the flatheads on it!

As soon as I received it I took it over to the local football field to see how far I could cast it. I was getting over 100 yards, around 130 or so and I'm still getting used to it.

Thank you , you do beautiful work, I have already got it ready to go on the next catfishing trip."

~ Ron Kaluger

"Over the years I have contracted with Neal Hall to build about a dozen of his custom designed and built fly rods. I have given those rods to several Board of Director Chairmen and Presidents of companies we work with. Almost all of these people are multimillionaires who could buy any fly rod they choose. Everyone has repeatedly contacted me, thanking me for their excellent rod and explaining how well it preformed. They love their rods.

My wife and I each have one a four piece 9', 5 wt. medium fast action rod that we love. On one trip to the San Juan River in New Mexico, during the rests and lunch breaks, our guides would borrow our rods to cast and fish with. They too loved them. We highly recommend Neal Hall's Classic Destiny rods."

~ Bud and Pat Johnson

"I have owned a lot of fly rods over the years and the only rods I won’t ever sell are the Classic Destiny that Neal built for me. Classic Destiny rods are of the best hardware and cork quality, not to mention the eye for detail that are built into every rod he puts together."

~Rick Brown

"I just wanted to tell everyone about a great experience that I started about 2 yrs ago. I had meet Neal Hall at a sports show where he was showing off some spectacular rods that he had built, as I admired his work he spoke of a Rod Building class that he taught. Later that year I signed up for that Rod Building class taught by Neal hoping to be able to build a Rod as nice as the Rods that Neal built.

I really didn't know what to expect as I started the 2 day class. The beginning of the first day Neal started us out chosing our rod blanks and the components for the build. With his expert instruction, by the middle of the class the Rods were taking shape, handles and real seats fitted and glued on, next we starting the process of spacing the guides.

The second day started out with an overview of what we had done and then on to finishing up the guide wraps and then on to the epoxy finish coat. Neal guided all the students in the class with expert instruction giving all of us the chance to build a rod we all could be proud of. I have since started my own Rod business because of the knowledge that was provided to me in those two days with Neal. In all the rods that I have built for myself and others, my most favorite Rod is the one I built in Neal's class with his expert instruction. I use this Rod everytime I go fishing. Thank You Neal Hall."

~Eric Michalowski

Darin Beesley with fish caught on classic destiny custom rod
Darin Beesley with bass caught on classic destiny custom rod

“Neal has built 3 fly rods for me, and all of them fit me perfectly and perform very well. With the feather inlays and excellent craftsmanship, the rods always draw comments from the friends and guides I fish with. Neal is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone that would like a great rod to be enjoyed for many years."

~Darrin Beesley