Fly Fishing Rods

classic destiny custom fly fishing rod

Fly-fishing is my favorite form of angling. Therefore I am acutely interested in how a fly rod performs and looks. I strive to make your fly rod the best it can be regardless of which blank it is made from. As a custom builder, I am free to build on any blank that can be obtained on the open market. I also have access to all of the various types of rod hardware and components available from the many manufacturers and suppliers in the country.

In order to get the maximum performance out of a rod, the blank has to be correctly spined and the correct number and type of guides need to be placed in the proper positions along the length of the rod. To do this I use a dynamic flex fixture along with the equal angle theory developed by Don Morton. This technique establishes placement of the guides based on each rod blanks own unique characteristics. The use of this technique distributes loads down the rod in a progressive fashion resulting in improved casting distance. All rods are test cast with the handle and guides temporarily attached. This ensures that the butt guide and the ring size are optimized. During the test casting, any final adjustments to the guide spacing are made to ensure peak performance. Guide spacing is recorded and the rod is dissembled. Then true assembly begins with the assurance that the rod balance, spine and guide placement are absolutely correct.

I custom make most of my fly rod handles using natural or burl cork. The burl cork comes in four different colors, which allow me to make unique patterns in the handle that sets it apart from any other rod. I also turn my own reel seats from wood and stabilized wood giving you the option of a wide selection of types and colors of reel seats.

fly rod grip and reel seat
custom fly fishing reel seat and grip