Bass, Casting, & Spinning Rods

peacock bass custom rod

These bass rods make an enjoyable sport even better. I can make any style of bass rod that you may want whether it be spinning or casting. All of the components used in the rods I make are top quality.

All of my rods are carefully spined. The guides are aligned along the resulting effective spine. During the cast, this allows the rod to flex fore and aft in its most effective natural plane without torque due to twisting.

I recommend casting rods that incorporate the spiral or Roberts wrap. This guide configuration moves the line from the top of the rod where the reel sits, 180 degrees around the to the bottom of the rod. This allows the lure to be retrieved and fish to be fought with absolutely no torque on the hands and wrists of the angler. Casting distances are also improved with the use of this special guide configuration.

Our spinning rods have the guides aligned 180 degrees from the spine on the outside curve of the bent blank.

In order to place the guides onto the rod in the optimum position for the best performance, I incorporate a dynamic flex fixture along with the equal angle theory developed by rod designer Don Morton. This technique establishes placement of the guides based on each rod blanks own unique characteristics. The use of this technique distributes loads down the rod in a progressive fashion resulting in greater fish fighting capabilities and improved casting distances. All rods are test cast with the handle and guides temporarily attached. This ensures that the butt guide and the ring size are optimized. During the test casting, any final adjustments to the guide spacing are made to ensure peak performance. Guide spacing is recorded and the rod is dissembled. Then true assembly begins with the assurance that the rod balance, spine and guide placement are absolutely correct.

Classic Destiny combines all of the latest and greatest techniques to create a fine-tuned fishing instrument to meet your angling needs.