Bamboo Fly Rods

custom bamboo fly fishing rod

Since I started building fishing rods it has been my goal to build a bamboo rod from scratch. You know, splitting the 2 inch clum of cured bamboo into small strips and planing them into precise triangles that fit together in a hexagon shape that is tapered just right to make an outstanding fishing rod. In fact, I have studied how to do it and have attended several classes on the finer points of bamboo rod building. I have collected and/or made all of the tools required to do the job. Finally, in November of 2010, I completed my first made from scratch bamboo rod. It is a beauty! I have named it the Thurman Creek. You can check out my news articles section to see why. It's a 7 1/2 foot 4 wt. 2 piece with an extra tip that is a 5 weight. It is like having 2 rods in one. With this rod, I feel that I have reached the destiny that I planned for myself back in 1989 when I started building rods. To build a classic bamboo rod. Hence the name Classic Destiny.

All bamboo rods made by me are constructed from Tonkin cane. Tonkin is the best bamboo available for fishing rods. The precision triangle shaped pieces of bamboo are glued together using the strongest adhesive available today. The guides are positioned on the rod using standard procedures as outlined in my fly rod information sheet. The guides are attached to the rod using the finest silk thread. The rods are finished with 3 coats of UV protected marine varnish and the thread wraps are finished with the best quality 2 part epoxy available.

Classic Destiny combines all of the latest and greatest techniques to create a fine-tuned fishing instrument to meet your angling needs.