Rod Restoration & Repair

f. e. thomas 5 foot casting rod made from bamboo
Restored 1920's F.E. Thomas 5' Casting Rod

I do repair work on graphite and fiberglass rods for local clientelle (Wichita, KS and vicinity) simply because of the ease of getting the rods to me and returning them. I discourage mail order repair on these rods because the shipping charges to and from my shop usually end up being more than the rod repair is worth.

Bamboo rod restoration projects can be shipped to me directly or delivered in person. Before you ship your bamboo rods to me, please call me to discuss what needs to be done so I can work up a quote for you

As a general rule, I charge $30 an hour for my time plus the retail price for the parts that I use during the repair or restoration. I will also add the cost of shipping to the final bill. The repair bill must be paid in full before the rod is returned to you.

h l leonard restoration
H.I. Leonard tournament special from the 1920's. The hardware guides and handle are all original. I didn't clean the handle so it has the traces of the past still on it.